Landscape Painting Workshop with
Heather the Painter and Michelle Parsley

$1,500.00 USD

 Landscapes in Corel Painter, Adobe Photoshop, and Golden Gel Contouring UPDATEDue to Hurricane Matthew, the wo...

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The Founder's Workshop - Paintings Oils Overs the Printed Canvas

$2,500.00 USD

The Founder's Workshop Painting Oils Over The Printed Canvas Using Traditional Methods with a TwistMandatory Meet an...

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Intro to Corel Painter 2018 WEBINAR with Heather the Painter March 5, 2018

$59.00 USD

In this one hour event, Heather will take guests through the customization navigation (preferences, palettes, color m...

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Painting Backgrounds from Scratch in Corel Painter 2018 (re-play)

$50.00 USD

75  minutes In this tutorial, Elite Corel Painter Master, Corel Certified Painter Educator, PPA Maste...

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Intro to Corel Painter 2018 tutorial (re-play)

$59.00 USD

In this one hour tutorial, Heather will take guests through the customization navigation (preferences,...

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The Modern Day Sargent Set

$328.00 USD

This is available as a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD ONLY 6 hours Includes: COMES WITH INTRO TO PAINTER X3 (Compatible with Cor...

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Intro to Corel Painter X3

$79.00 USD

TUTORIAL COMES WITH THE INVESTMENT OF ANY TUTORIAL SET!  (also compatible with the Corel Painter 2015-2016!) 1...

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Painting the Contemporary Portrait in Corel Painter 2018 (Alla Prima) - Replay from May 7, 2018

$90.00 USD

This 90 minute replay from Heather's May 7, 2018 webinar will take you through an insightful look at using color harm...

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Painterly Falsies (digital eyelashes)

$14.00 USD

Do you hate drawing lashes? Welcome to a time saver that's beautifully executed and provides extensive edi...

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Rose Gold Sunset Backgrounds Collection (20)

$89.00 USD

Decadent texture. Painterly layers. Organic impasto. Heather's new, hand painted Rose Gold Sunset backgrounds collect...

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Traditional Remixed 2018 Backgrounds Collection (11)

$65.00 USD

Heather's new, hand painted Traditional Remixed 2018 backgrounds collection are full of depth, interest, and perfect ...

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Painting Animals Tutorial Set (Legacy)

$255.00 USD

Thanksgiving Sale Includes Intro to Painter 2018! 6 hours of content Includes Intro to Corel Painter X3 Compatible...

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