Intro to Corel Painter 2018 WEBINAR with Heather the Painter March 5, 2018

In this one hour event, Heather will take guests through the customization navigation (preferences, palettes, color management, wacom settings, and brush import settings). Plus, Heather will go through a basic workflow, and give recommendations for getting started! She'll discuss some basic brushology to get you started on your Corel Painter 2018 journey! Webinar includes drawing for incredible prizes. To be eligible for prizes, you just have to register. Winners will be notified via email. Winners don't have to be in "live" attendance to be eligible for prizes.

As a bonus, registered guests will have re-play access within 24 hours of the event to re-watch the broadcast! Plus, live attendees can ask questions during the webinar!

One on one webinars range from $120 to $150 with Heather, so this is an affordable alternative!

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