Rose Gold Sunset Backgrounds Collection (20)

Decadent texture. Painterly layers. Organic impasto. Heather's new, hand painted Rose Gold Sunset backgrounds collection are full of depth, interest, and perfect for that polished edit, whether it's a photographic retouch or a digital painting! Simply soften (blur) for a bokeh effect for a portrait edit (if needed), or drop in for a digital painting! 

This collection of 20 high resolution jpegs have variations consisting of alla prima bases, sunset inspired palettes, and textural "unicorn" pieces that would be fabulous for a high school senior or a dramatic fantasy edit!

Smallest side is 3600 pixels. 

Please note that each variation has had hand painted attention to variation, so they are not just adjustments in color. 


Check out this gorgeous art piece by Brittney Gobble using the Rose Gold backgrounds Collection!

© 2018 Brittney Gobble

"I absolutely love every product she has created and they are a part of my everyday image editing workflow. I eagerly await your future creations Heather!" - Brittney Gobble