Painterly Falsies (digital eyelashes)

Do you hate drawing lashes?

Welcome to a time saver that's beautifully executed and provides extensive editing options!

Add that perfect, finishing touch to your editing with these high resolution, transparent layered, hand drawn eyelash sets! Ranging from short to glamorous, there are various lash lengths and angles that are highly editable in programs such as Adobe Photoshop! With a simple drag and drop and free transform you can arrange a gorgeous set of lashes instead of drawing them yourself!

Opt for a quick drag and drop of finished, full strips of lashes, or you can opt for a more controlled approach and take segments of lashes to create a natural eye look.

Basic editing knowledge of free transform, drag and drop (layers), and erasing or layer masking is required. 

Includes 4 sets, plus 2 files of several "extra" sections, and 2 reference guides. 

"HUGE, HUGE, HUGE!  So many people have trouble painting eyelashes.  And now, thanks to Heather, this is no longer an issue.  With these beautiful “eyelashes” that Heather has created every portrait that you paint can have eyelashes in a matter of minutes.  No more struggling to get it right - just drag, drop and tweak for awesome lashes!  These should be in every artist's 'bag'.  Great job Heather!"

-William Branson III
M. Photog. Cr., Fellow - ASP, 

These layers will work in any program that accepts PSD (Photoshop) files.


"They are easy to use and great for those who struggle to have a light touch."

- Peggy Rogerson