Intro to Corel Painter 2018 tutorial (re-play)

In this one hour tutorial, Heather will take guests through the customization navigation (preferences, palettes, color management, wacom settings, and brush import settings). Plus, Heather will go through a basic workflow, and give recommendations for getting started! She'll discuss some basic brushology to get you started on your Corel Painter 2018 journey!

This is an invaluable "must have" tutorial to new Corel Painter users as Heather explains the palettes and initial setup to get started in this vast program. 

60 minutes

Compatible with Corel Painter 2018, 2017, and 2016


Preference setup

Color management setup

Custom palette organization, saving, and exporting (backing up)

Basic Brushology 101 (how to understand basic brush settings and customize them)

What is cloning and why you need it!

How to set up a document correctly for efficiency

How to load brushes

Saving options

 How to easily backup your customizations

Please note that the mentioned door prizes in the recording have already been dispensed during the live webinar. Does not come with brushes.