The Founder's Workshop - Paintings Oils Overs the Printed Canvas

The Founder's Workshop

Painting Oils Over The Printed Canvas Using Traditional Methods with a Twist
Mandatory Meet and greet evening of May 16th. Class is May 17-19th.

*this is NOT a Corel Painter workshop* Beginner painters, and oil users welcome.

High Tech, Boutique Style Small group intimately sized workshop limited to 6 guests

Woodbury, TN hosted by Michelle Parsley

This unique experience will be set up very similarly to Creative Live where guests will be a part of Heather's live recording for half of the workshop. The other half of the workshop will be dedicated to answer questions and critique students' canvases as they get to paint alongside her!  As part of the Founders Group, guests will have early access to watch the re-play of the edited recording (probably a few months later). 

Become a "Founder" in this unique experience

This high tech workshop will set up each guest with their own table top easel in a well lit environment with plenty of dry space for lots of wet canvases! Plus, the hostess will set up a live stream video so you watch Heather on a big screen TV during class with the live cams on her canvas and palette so you don't have to leave your station if you don't want to! 

Precision, color mixing, paint application, Heather's top secret and long researched surface preparation for longevity and gorgeous surface tension! How to correct and fix when needed. How to make adjustments. What "questions" to ask during your process. How to lay our your paints. How to approach a canvas. What mediums to use. What paints to use. What brushes and knives to use. What alternative tools to use. How to create a finished, polished, high end physical painted canvas. How to varnish your finished piece. How to use Golden acrylic gels in your workflow for delicious texture. TIPS for how to extend your paint and make the most of your investment while staying structurally sound in adhesion.

Hot coffee, assorted beverages, snacks, and full lunch provided each day.

All materials and supplies provided during the workshop PLUS guests will take away their own professional grade brushes that Heather uses in her own paintings.

BONUS: Includes digital EARLY ACCESS to the finished edit of this class!

Also includes a PDF of all of the materials and lecture notes from Heather

Registration includes full lunch every day with hot coffee, water, beverages, snacks, and more!

Also includes shipping and handling concierge service via USPS for your canvases once they are dried to be returned to you.

We will not be covering Corel Painter at all. This is solely topical application with gels, and water soluble oils.

Students must sign a release  as we will be recording Heather's immediate workspace for a tutorial release. In the off chance, a face, or voice is captured in the recording, blah blah blah blah. This workshop is intended to be released as a digital recording in the future.