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Sketching the Head Webinar REPLAY 2023


What you'll receive:

  • Access to the digital replay for the life of the online library (streaming)
  • Invitation to join Heather's private Facebook group of students
  • Full resolution reference file to practice alongside the replay
  • Heather's painted file in full resolution to study the brushwork  
  • Heather's custom high resolution texture
  • Heather's BETA SKETCHING BRUSHES (compatible with Corel Painter 2021 and newer!)


In this 60 minute webinar replay Heather will demonstrate how she uses TRUE mixed media in sketching ranging from alla prima brushes to Corel Painter 2021's (compatible with multiple versions of Painter!) watercolor and ink brushes for an organic feel. Sketching doesn't have to feel "digital" in a non-analogue space. Join Heather as she shows you how! In this webinar you can expect to see a sketch of a head worked in the time of the webinar. The guide image, finished file, brushes, and texture will be supplied. 


 Included is the above image in the demo (both prep and high res painting)

Heather is an Elite Corel Painter Master, Certified Corel Painter Educator, Golden Artist Educator, retired PPA IPC juror, PPA Master Artist, M. Photog, Cr. 



Please note these portraits, paintings are not included in the download.