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Michelle Parsley's Preferred Patinas Background Collection PRERELEASE Offer

Available for immediate download

You'll receive:

  • 30 Preferred Patinas Backgrounds
  • Plus 2 Perfect Balanced Patinas BONUS Backgrounds
  • Plus 10 Black and White BONUS Backgrounds
  • Plus 8 High Key BONUS Backgrounds
  • AND 2 NEW BONUS transparent layered "Veils" 
  • NOW there are 4 BONUS transparent layered Veils!
  • Ongoing Private Student Group Support

The smallest side is 3900 pixels making these eligible for large wall portrait editing!

Change your background, or transform a digital painting entirely with these elegant textural lovelies! Often artists simply change a layer mode (soft light, overlay, multiply or hard light are the favorites). 

Portrait by Linda Packard


What People Are Saying:

I am so excited! I just purchased the Parsley's Preferred Patinas by Heather Michelle. They are absolutely delicious!!!!! There is so much depth I can't stop looking at them! Heather - thank you so much for such beautiful backgrounds!

Deborah Lambrecht

Heather, I can't believe the difference your Patinas and Veils have made in my work! Wowee zow, you are magic!

Suzanne Stark

Can I just say that I LOVE the black/white textures in the Parsley Patinas Pack? OMG! They take everything to a whole new level. Thank you so much Heather Michelle for your hard work on those. They are worth every single penny!

Janice Lukenbill