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Master Summer Collection Plus "Summer BONUS 17" 194 TOTAL


What you'll get:

  • Summer Gold Collection (31 backgrounds)
  • Farewell Summer Collection (50 backgrounds)
  • Summer Greige (32 backgrounds)
  • Watermelon & Iced Tea (49 backgrounds)
  • Stamped in Humidity (8 backgrounds)
  • August Hot & Hazy (7 backgrounds)
  • SUMMER BONUS 2023 (17 exclusive backgrounds!) - Scroll to the bottom to view these gorgeous new additions!
  • reference guides printable to 8.5" x 11"  with each pack

Totaling 194 high resolution painted (digital) backgrounds!

These exquisitely layered backgrounds are a must have for your digital toolbox. They're immediately usable as layered textures, full background swaps, painting clone sources, or even as monochromatic textures for programs such as Adobe Photoshop or Corel Painter. Change the colors to strengthen your color harmony or add bokeh be using your favorite blur. The versatility ranges from heavily brayered wax to dreamy bokehed abstract scapes. 

Photo references do not come with download.

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The master collection was originally released August 28, 2023

Here are some details from the Master Collection and examples how they were used. 

Seen here with Summer Gold backgrounds (3 used in layers). Reference portrait by Beverly Toves.

Summer Greige seen here.

Farewell Summer seen above. Portraits and edits by Brittney Gobble.

Summer Golds used below

 Portrait reference by Sara Dabaghian

Portrait reference by Silas Ho

Portrait reference by ANton Ponomarenko


Portrait reference by Malik Skydsgaard



Reference Guides

Includes Exclusive Summer BONUS

Details from the Exclusive SUMMER BONUS 17