NEW Night Owl Backgrounds!

Multiple Ways to Study

Self Study Pre-Recorded Tutorials

Hours of high resolution, pre-recorded tutorials offer you the luxury to study at your own leisure, and "rewind" as often as needed. Tutorial "sets" include accompanying brushes. Please note that we are still migrating from the old store, so some of the older tutorials are still housed on the older store, and are only available as digital downloads.

NEW Night Owl 41 Collection

Luminosity and texture collide in this new background collection with alluring midnights and cooler tones. 41 Beauties!

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NEW 2024 Passages


Introducing new DUOS!

Digital Download

Alla Prima 3 & 4 Texture Collection

58 new hand painted textures to load into your Texture/Pattern palettes and use as overlays! Exquisitely realistic as they originated from actual paint!

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Original Traditionally Hand Painted Collection


117 organically created brushstroked textures! 

LIMITED 10th Anniversary OFFER Only $59!


60 min REPLAY

Learn how Heather incorporates watercolor and ink into sketching the head in this Corel Painter webinar! INCLUDES Beta set of brushes compatible with Painter 2021 (and newer)!

Replay includes BRUSHES

Alla Prima Brushes

NEW Brushes Pack

for Corel Painter 2021 and newer! Includes 17 beauties that aid in painting a heavy style not relying on the texture palette! As demo'd in the Alla Prima Refresher tutorial.

Access Immediately



60 minute REPLAY! Let's paint the FACE in the heavier Alla Prima style! Includes Intro to Corel Painter 2021.

Replay Available NOW



Enjoy this 60 minute REPLAY from Summer's Classical style webinar! Includes Intro to Corel Painter 2021 (compatible with newer versions of Painter)!

REPLAY is Available

2023 Creating and Using Functional Backgrounds Masterclass



OVER 10 hours of video

41 Backgrounds

25 Brushes

22 Textures

Worksheets, PDFS, Reference Images, and more includes everything you need to create a painting with a subject from start to COMPLETION!

Study At Your Own Pace

Intro to Corel Painter 2021

78 minutes streaming tutorial to get you set up in Corel Painter from the time you first open the program until you re-open a document and have to re-attach your clone source! Compatible with newer versions of Corel Painter (sans their new features).

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Breaking Boundaries Replay Plus Brushes

Intermediate - Full Start to Finish

127 Minutes plus BRUSHES!

Breaking Boundaries The Not So Hyper Realistic Approach to Faces 



Controlling Texture in Your Backgrounds REPLAY

Learn how to paint a background from scratch in the digital space using Corel Painter 2021 (which translates to other digital programs) using design principles with this background veteran in a 2 hour webinar replay from 2021. 

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Painting the Background Space from Scratch


Downloadable extras are compatible with Corel Painter 2017 (techniques are transferable with any software that paints!) and newer. Recorded in March of 2018 from a live webinar. Includes color sets and reference images plus lots of bonus material!

Mini Course

Fractured Realism Tutorial


In this 90 minute webinar replay Heather shares her recently adopted abstract realism process that is unlike anything she's taught before! This greatly expands upon the Brayers and Wax technique. 

A Must Have For The Serious Artist

Brayers and Wax, the Tutorial


151 minutes plus lots of goodies! This tutorial jumps off from the "Painting the Classical Realism" webinar replay sharing how Heather paints in her fractured, waxy style.

*Brushes not included


Painting the Classical (Realism) Portrait in Painter 2018


In this 90 minute replay from Heather's June webinar, she'll share her easy 3 step methodical approach to realistic skin, silky hair, and piercing eyes while also showing common pitfalls to avoid.

*Brushes not included

A Must Have for the Classical Style!

Painting the Contemporary Portrait in Corel Painter 2018


 Discover the alla prima side of Corel Painter with this heavily painted, more free hand reliant 90 minute webinar replay that includes brushes! Compatible with Corel Painter 2017 and newer.

Brushes Included!

Portrait Box Set


The original beginner set! Recorded in an older version of Painter, this incredibly thorough tutorial (6 hours) takes you through several paintings with every step included! Includes brushes.  Compatible with Corel Painter 12 and newer.

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Painting Animals Set


Includes Intro to Painter 2018

Compatible with Corel Painter X3 and newer. Shows both heavier and classical styles of painting! Includes tutorial brushes. 


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Intro to Corel Painter 2018


This is a MUST HAVE for all new Corel Painter users!

Compatible with Corel Painter 2016- basic setup of 2020. Recorded in March of 2018 from a live webinar. Includes a thorough look at the setup from the first time you open up Corel Painter to the first time you lay down a brush stroke! 

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Modern Day Sargent Set


An intermediate tutorial showing how to paint with heavier, chunkier brushwork reminiscent of John Singer Sargent. Includes brushes.

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Adobe Photoshop Tutorial

Heather's Old School Editing Method - How to Prep (retouch) a Portrait BEFORE going into Corel Painter


*OLD STORE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD ONLY/Discount codes do not apply

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Enjoy a glimpse of the ethereal October Fall Acids Backgrounds! Here are some details from this textural collection!


Order now for instant download access!

Pair your training with tools built for a smooth workflow

Heather's Hand Designed Backgrounds and Textural Overlays

How To Use The Backgrounds In Digital Editing (part one)

There are various ways to utilize Heather's hand painted backgrounds! For more insight click on the new blog post HERE!

Summer Master Collection is BACK!

194 backgrounds! This Master Collection returns for a brief period and includes: Summer Gold, Farewell Summer, Summer Greige, Watermelon & Iced Tea, Stamped in Humidity, August Hot & Hazy, Summer BONUS 2023 along with their reference guides!


NEW Blush Greige 50

The Greige got a makeover and it's insanely elegant! It's the perfect balance of edge and bokeh! 50 new hand painted, high resolution beauties!

Greige Meets Wax - Download Now

Artist Words Pack

This hand painted calligraphic layered set is perfect for those that are designing their brands as artists.

Access Immediately

Farewell, Summer 50

Backgrounds Collection released August 31, 2021 textural with palettes inspired by Masters Monet and Degas!

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October Acids Fall Edition Backgrounds

40 Acids inspired by Autumn! Highly textural backgrounds that may be used as overlays or full background swaps.

Digital Stocking Stuffer?

Summer Gold Collection 31

A love for gold leaf combined with cold wax and imperfect textures, layered with portraiture in mind.

Available For Immediate Access

Resilience Collection

52 NEW bold high resolution beauties inspired by the outdoors in Spring

Special Offer

Love & Smooches Bundle

This collection features Love Letters (36), Smooches (24), and an exclusive BONUS set (14) totaling 74 uniquely painted backgrounds brand new for February of 2023! Minimum sides sized at 3600 pixels!

Download Immediately

Chocolates Remixed 2020

Calorie free and oh, so decadent this pack of 20 high resolution backgrounds is a must have for every digital toolbox!

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JOYFUL Backgrounds

Subtle variations, quiet waxy markings, gentle harmonies. You must check out these 32  beauties!

Only $68

Foundations Collection 27

Fractured layers, perfect for direct painting bases (alla prima style) inspired by cold wax and the heavier interpretations of today's portrait painters.

Available for Immediate Download


Singles & Mini Sets starting at $8!

Explore Them HERE

Summer Greige 32

Palette knifed, alla prima, textural perfection. 32 backgrounds in the greige color schemes that complement every skin tone! 

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Michelle Parsley's Preferred Patinas

Available at a special offer this gorgeous patina'd inspired collection includes 52 high resolution backgrounds and textures for your digital edit! Please note this is not the Birthdays pack, nor is it the Curated Collection.


The Curated Collection 2019

(Includes the wildly popular Patinas and Acids!)

This Collection includes the brand new Lavenders of Olde, Meet Me In The Garden, Exclusive Patinas and Acids, and BONUS materials totalling 80 high resolution, hand painted digital textures and overlays. 

Released April 2019

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Heather's Everyday Brushes Pack

Heather's Everyday Set for Corel Painter 2017 & newer 

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Watermelon & Iced Tea Backgrounds

This luxurious collection features 49 new, hand painted variations of "Humidity Rolls In," "Iced Tea," and "Watermelon" backgrounds. The texture and color combinations are exquisitely paired!

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Alla Prima ll Collection

They look like real paint because they started as real paint on large canvases!

Over 100 high resolution beauties ideal as texture overlays and backgrounds.

Available for Immediate Access

Original Alla Prima Backgrounds

The original 28 high resolution masterpieces migrated from the legacy store! These organic lovelies were created with physical paint on board and canvas.

Available for Immediate Download

Winter Basic 33

Backgrounds blending the beautiful traits of the season with wax, palette knife edges, and bokeh options. Collection of 33 high resolution beauties!

Ready to Download

Veils 2021 Expansion Pack

44 Veils that dance and skip packaged in high resolution, transparent, editable PSD layered files. Each veil comes as a multiple layered file providing thousands of combinations! 

Customizable Layers

Hand Painted Wings

Heather's hand painted set consists of 40 transparent layers of fluttery wings!



Buy The Wings on SALE

Brayers and Wax Brushes

This Corel Painter 2020 brush set (19 new brushes!) is a must have for the intermediate user looking to achieve texture or merge Heather's existing painted backgrounds. In fact, it's the brush collection she uses to create her recent backgrounds! 

Compatible with Corel Painter 2020, and newer.


Speedy Scrubber Background Brushes


Heather's Background Brushes pack for Corel Painter 2017 and newer!


Growth Background with Veil

This three layered background includes a matching VEIL!

High resolution and ready for immediate download!

Adjust any of the three layers for a textural edit.

Grow NOW

The Gate Backgrounds Collection

Released in April 2020 - 14 High Resolution Tifs


Painterly Falsies

Digital Eyelashes (transparent layers) are easy to use in digital programs that use layers such as Adobe Photoshop! Simply drag and drop these highly editable layers!

Download Now

Train Your Way with a Personalized Approach

Customize Your Private Training

Private Training Options on Site or Remotely via Your Computer

In Studio Mentoring

Join Heather in studio (or in your own studio) for thorough, hands on training in oil painting (over the printed canvas), Golden gel contouring, post print enhancement, Golden acrylic, or Corel Painter training. 

Customized Livestream Webinar

Personalize your one on one training via livestream webinar. You only need high speed internet and a your fuzzy slippers.

Hot coffee optional. 

Webex training includes the recording of your live session, all high resolution painted stages (provided you supply the image), and more!

Livestream Video From Heather's Easel

Coming Soon

Training Materials and Tools

There is something for every learning style! Click on the icon to see availability and dates for live training!

Why Artists Choose To Study with Heather


Easy to follow


Effective Troubleshooting

Chronologically & Concisely Presented

Explained from start to finish with potential pitfalls discussed (and how "not to paint")

Brushes are included with most pre-recorded tutorial sets

High quality audio and screen capture

Seasoned & award winning instructor

PPA Master Craftsman (education)

PPA Master Photographer & Master Artist

Corel Approved Painted Educator

Golden Artist Educator

Pre-Recorded training and tools are available for immediate use in your digital "library"

Heather's teaching concepts are transferable across all painted subject matter and genres

Make Your Education Work For You

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- Erin L.

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