Merry & Mottled Background Finishing Brush Set for Corel Painter 2018 Set of 23

Regularly $149.00

Quickly scrub in textural depth with this brilliant collection of brushes!

This exciting brush pack was hand designed by Heather as a finishing set for background spaces. It's an ideal compliment to her Speedy Scrubber Background Brush Collection and includes brand new variants BUT you can easily use it as a standalone brush pack! Perfectly paired with a pressure sensitive stylus such as the Wacom tablet. 

Compatible with Corel Painter 2018 and newer. 

Released November 2018. These brushes are not found in any other brush pack! They are completely unique to this set, as of November 2018!


Depending on your computer's system,

within minutes you can quickly render a textural background space that's highly usable!

These didn't take more than 20 minutes, and one reason is I have a two year old who kept asking Mommy for things and I was recording one of the backgrounds. 



Check out what artist Yvonne Sanders created in seconds using these new brushes!