Heather’s Speedy Scrubbers Background 26 Brushes for Corel Painter 2017 (and newer)

Regularly $125

This pack of 26 Brushes for Corel Painter 2017 (and newer) enables you to paint usable, high resolution backgrounds in MINUTES. This set ranges from chunky palette knives to gorgeous oiled, splatter, leafy splotches.

*Please note these were designed to be used with a pressure sensitive pen and tablet for best results!

Heather’s Speedy Scrubbers Background Brushes for Corel Painter 2017, 2018 & 2019.

25 brushes PLUS BONUS brush!


  • 1 Brush Category  compatible with Corel Painter 2017 & an additional brush cateogry that has been optimized to work with Corel Painter 2018 (compatible with Corel Painter 2019)!
  • Cheat sheet with numeric key showing where to use each brush

This brush pack (released November 21, 2017) is Heather’s speed painting brush pack for creating backgrounds, even high resolution canvases in Corel Painter 2017 & 2018! These beautiful variants include textured and non textured brushes that pick up user selected paper textures. Heather has saved an incredible amount of time using these new scrubbers for her own personal backgrounds. What once took hours now only takes minutes, but still maintains the beautiful semi transparency and “Layering” that brings luminance and interest to a painting when following basic composition and value guidelines. Straight out of the box, the sample image was clocked to take 13 minutes sized as a 12×15 at 300 ppi.

Easily create your own backgrounds with ease and efficiency with Heather’s new favorite brushes! Also includes a handy cheatsheet with numeric reference on which brushes to use in the underpainting, which to use to build, and which to use to polish.

Includes a variety of brushes that leave an organic looking mark when paired together. As a traditional oil painter, Heather’s extremely picky about her brush building so they mimic a natural painterly style. These brushes have changed her workflow entirely! Ranging from chunky palette knives, to textural, leafy, dried scraps of paint, this fun set can be used straight from the download without any changes other than brush size. Note: they pair beautifully with the Wacom Art pen and Intuos Pro tablet.

Are any of these brushes found in other brush packs? As of November 21, 2017, the only brush that’s from other packs is the BONUS brush, which has been redesigned and optimized to work with Painter 2017 & 2018 (and newer). The other 25 variants are COMPLETELY NEW. And they’re absolutely gorgeous! This pack has been lovingly polished, perfected, and tested for 5 months.

PLEASE NOTE – these brushes were designed to be used with a paper texture that has weave in Corel Painter such as “Artist canvas.” Using the default paper texture in Corel Paper will give you very different results, and may often appear that the the brush isn’t working. Try changing your paper texture to artist canvas or gessoed canvas (something with a contrasty weave or pattern), and the brushes truly come alive!

Software or Wacom tablet not included in purchase.


Brushes come as a .brushcategory and may be loaded in Corel Painter by opening Painter>Brushes>Import>Brush Category> (select this file). Note that you must install one brush category at a time. There is one brush category per version of Corel Painter with this download (Painter 2017 & 2018). Please note the software Corel Painter does not come with this purchase but may be purchased at www.painterartist.com.