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If you are downloading brushes, open Corel Painter first. Brushes are not backwards compatible and will crash Painter if you import newer brushes into older versions of the software.

Brushes>Import>Brush Category> (each individual .brushcategory file from this download one at a time).

Be sure to set your brush calibration per brush! This is imperative as it will set the brushes to be sensitive to your hand!



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Brayers and Wax Brush Set

After two long years, they're finally here! Heather's custom variants for Corel Painter 2020! These expressive brushes pick up the natural breaks of textures (Heather's textures come with this pack!) found in organic media such as prepared boards, distressed materials, and more. If you are ready to add an elegant layer of texture to your paintings in Corel Painter 2020, this set is a MUST HAVE in your tool box! Includes a variety of cloning, color, and blenders.

What you'll get:


  • 1) Brayers and Wax Reference Sheets (5 total)


  • 1) Brayers and Wax 2020.brushcategory


  • 1) Heather's Starter Texture Pack (11 total)


  • 1) NOW Includes a Beginner User PDF Guide


    Inspired from the delicious process of wax and encaustic, these brushes bring layering to life. The rigid skips and breaks that merge together with a blow torch on your final pass make the heart skip a beat. And the texture that encourage those "breaks" have been provided for you with Heather's Starter Texture Pack that was designed specifically for this brush pack.


Are these brushes found in Heather's other packs?

Three flat brushes that have been used as staples have been entirely redesigned and optimized for Corel Painter 2020. While they're technically "new" brushes, the base build did start from Heather's Everyday Set. However, the marks are completely different in this set.

Can I use these without a Wacom Art pen? 

YES! They're not as expressive, but they still work beautifully!

Are these only for abstract styles?

No! These are extremely versatile! I've been using them in painting my last few backgrounds packs, portraits, still life, and landscapes. I can't wait to try them on a pet portrait! If you want to achieve a more tight, realistic interpretation check out the Everyday Brushes Pack.

Do I need to use these brushes with Corel Painter textures?

For best results, it's ideal to use organic textures (as provided in Heather's starter pack). If you choose to use them without pairing it with a full bleed texture, they yield a different outcome (a flatter look). 

Portrait by ©Jeff Lubin