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Brayers and Wax Tutorial

Total video time is 151.32 minutes

What you'll get:

  • 10 videos (available to download and stream)
  • 3 high resolution guide images to paint alongside the tutorial
  • 1 high resolution background that is shown in the tutorial (how to paint from scratch)
  • 25 BONUS textures (jpegs may be used as overlays in other software!)
  • 3 reference guides showing your 25 BONUS textures
  • ongoing support in a private Facebook student group

Please note the Brayers and Wax BRUSHES are not included with this tutorial. This tutorial is only compatible with Corel Painter 2020 and newer. A pressure sensitive stylus is required. Corel Painter software is not included with this purchase but may be purchased separately at www.PainterArtist.com.

This is the image you'll see in the tutorial!

What People Are Saying:

I've been working through the videos from Heather's wonderful new tutorial for her beautiful Brayer and wax brushes and textures. Before starting, I was working on a portrait and thought I'd maybe incorporate some of the new goodies. But I just stopped the project and have slowly worked through the videos. They are spectacular and supply endless possibilities, most especially if you enjoy textures, which I certainly do. The extra videos showing real time background creation and the last one with brush information were very much appreciated. I love making backgrounds. It is a lot of information but so clearly presented. You are a gifted teacher. I truly appreciate your efforts and your teachings.

Betty Mc

The Brayers and Wax tutorial is amazing! Truly I believe it to be one of Heather's best tutorials to date!

Sheri Baker