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Alla Prima 3&4 2024 Texture Collection #58

58 new hand painted high resolution greyscale textures

What you'll get:

  • 19 Alla Prima 3 Textures
  • 39 Alla Prima 4 Textures
  • Alla Prima 3 & 4 reference guides sized to 8.5"x11" 

 What is the point to having hand painted textures in your digital toolbox? If you edit artwork, portraits, still life, or even create marketing pieces in Adobe Photoshop, it is a MUST HAVE for your toolbox! If you paint in Adobe Photoshop or Corel Painter or any other digital painting program that accepts jpegs either as overlays or allows you to bring it into a type of texture palette, this is absolutely ESSENTIAL. Why? Using greyscale texture in PALETTES (Corel Painter brings it into the "texture" palette and Adobe Photoshop brings it into the "Patterns" palette) allows the brush to INTERACT with this hidden layer thus giving your brushwork a natural break almost like you were painting on textural substrates just like a traditional artist.

Think of it this way. When you buy a shiny new, primed canvas from a big box art store and apply paint for the first time on it, you notice the texture of the canvas is overly SMOOTH. Almost too smooth. There is no tooth. No grip. No TEXTURE. This is akin to painting digitally. If you don't have a textural surface prepared (digitally this is often found in the BRUSH and what is allowed to interact with) your digital marks will be overly smooth, and have that digital signature. Using hand painted textures that originate from organic material, in this case oils, acrylics, and watercolors on large canvas and watercolor papers force the brushes (that can interact with texture) to naturally break over the greyscale areas (specifically black) creating an organic brush mark on a digital canvas.

Take your favorite textural brush in Adobe Photoshop and try loading this texture in the Patterns palette. Open the texture. Select All, and go to EDIT/Define Pattern. You'll find this in the "texture" slider of your brush builder. Watch the incredible difference of changing the pattern! In Corel Painter you can load these into the "Texture" palette and opt for your dab type brushes to interact with these textures instead of simple stamped papers. Consider this a "full bleed" texture you can control at any time, on the fly, and have full visibility. It is a total game changer! It's sped up my personal workflow and given my brushwork natural breaks, skips, and texture I could not get without them. I dive into how I use them extensively in the Brayers and Wax technique (Corel Painter).

Alla Prima 3 was developed in 2023. The smallest side in this collection is 4531 pixels but the large edges are ENORMOUS often up to 8200 pixels allowing for a wide range of editing. This collection is full page painted texture. If you create your own background space, it is absolutely essential for your digital toolbox. 

Alla Prima 4 was finished in 2024. The smallest side in this collection is 3109 pixels but the large edges are often 3800-4300 pixels or larger. This collection has more of an abstract, sketchy approach which is ideal for finishing either the center of the background space in paint, or using it when painting a subject (full length of head and shoulders). I will toggle often between two or three during a portrait but you can simplify as easily with only using ONE during a painting. 

These files arrive as jpgs and may be opened in any software that accepts JPG. 

Please note the portrait examples do not come with purchase. All copyright by respective artists.