Versatile Hand Painted Designs


An Essential Asset For The Digital Artist

Sized for High Resolution Wall Portraits Edits


May be used as texture overlays and backdrops.

35 Hand painted remixes inspired by the classical backgrounds that elevate your masterpieces! This decadent collection includes high resolution jpeg files for use in both digital paintings and photographs. Available as a digital download.

Includes new hand painted lovelies with variations. Some variations are subtle, and others are drastically different giving you a multitude of options! May be used in any editing software that handles jpegs, and allows layering. Perfect for green screen photography, adding texture to a flat backdrop, or dropping in for a quick painting. The possibilities are endless! They’re especially stunning in monochromatic art.

Files are scalable up to 40″ so use a portion or use the entire image!


Please note there are 2 folders of backgrounds: one for paintings, and one for photographs. The collection for photographs are slightly softened to simulate shallower depth of field whereas the paintings folder has the original texture of the brush strokes. Heather recommends adding a little noise to the background layer if using them with photographs.


How do I mask my subjects for a clean drop in? 

This course at is HIGHLY recommended for masking in Adobe Photoshop! Click HERE. 

If you're looking to mask more complex subjects click HERE.

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Portraits by Brittney Gobble

Instantly Add Depth To Your Edit

Variation of Textures

Each variation has been revised with hand adjusted texture, and brushwork.

Harmonious Color Palettes

Beautiful color harmonies that complement every skin tone!

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Portraits by Judy Reinford and Gwendolyn Z


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Repaint in your digital paintings or use as is

Use as background drop-ins for your photographic edit or repaint in your digital paintings. (Shown here as a repainted background in a digital painting by Erin Clemmer)

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