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Fractured Realism, the Tutorial

How to Use the Brayers and Wax Brushes, the tutorial is finally here! Over two and a half hours in length, this thorough and easy to follow recording shows you how to utilize Corel Painter 2020's powerful dab stencil functionality to bring your digital paintings into a new level of "organic" texture! I've always wanted to paint a more "fractured" interpretation, oddly, wanting less control in Corel Painter. I wanted my brushes and painting to react to each other with tension. With natural breaks. This is possible now! And it's changed my workflow forever.


151 minutes video tutorials in 10 segments

High resolution guide images

A background painted from the tutorial

Heather's "BONUS" Textures Pack (25 jpegs)

3 BONUS Textures reference guides 

Support in a private facebook student group

DOES NOT INCLUDE BRUSHES or Corel Painter software



On Sale for the Holidays

"I've been working through the videos from Heather's wonderful new tutorial for her beautiful Brayer and wax brushes and textures. Before starting, I was working on a portrait and thought I'd maybe incorporate some of the new goodies. But I just stopped the project and have slowly worked through the videos. They are spectacular and supply endless possibilities, most especially if you enjoy textures, which I certainly do. The extra videos showing real time background creation and the last one with brush information were very much appreciated. I love making backgrounds. It is a lot of information but so clearly presented. You are a gifted teacher. I truly appreciate your efforts and your teachings." 

- Betty Mc



"The Brayers and Wax tutorial is amazing! Truly I believe it to be one of Heather's best tutorials to date!"

-Sheri Baker





(total time 151.36 minutes)


The Texture Palette

Importing Custom Textures

Setting Up Your Document

Starting Your Document

Finishing Your Painting

Top Textural Effects and Tips

How to Change Your Brushes' Functionality

How to Use the Brayers and Wax to Create a Background From Scratch

Watch Me Finish a Real World Painting (sans audio)




By the way, this tutorial applies to most "DAB STENCIL" brushes! You're not limited to using only the Brayers and Wax brushes!

Discover Heather's secrets to creating more "painterly" interpretations

the Brayers and Wax tutorial includes all of these extras

PLUS receive a BONUS textures library!

Heather has been culling textures for years. This "BONUS" collection is part of the tutorial download and includes 25 jpegs. Learn how to use them in the tutorial with Corel Painter 2020, and newer. You can use them in other software, but this unique way in Painter might just forever change your workflow!

Watch as Heather finishes this personal painting

Heather shows you how to finish this painting using the new "fractured" textural technique. 

Added as a BONUS video!

Add to Your Library While It's On Sale

Learn how to paint this background from scratch!

Plus, this high resolution background is part of this class's downloads! Heather shows you the tricks for harmonizing textures, colors, and leading light into for future subject placement!

Already Own Other Brushes?

You can use this technique with other brushes in Corel Painter! This works beautifully with Heather's Speedy Scrubbers, Merry & Mottled, and some of her Everyday brushes! 

This tutorial specifically shows you how to use Heather's Brayer and Wax brush set, BUT the techniques apply to numerous other brushes in Corel Painter 2020, and newer!

Pair your training with tools designed for a smooth workflow

Why Artists Choose To Study with Heather


Easy to follow


Effective Troubleshooting

Chronologically & Concisely Presented

Explained from start to finish with potential pitfalls discussed (and how "not to paint")

Brushes are included with pre-recorded tutorial sets

High quality audio and screen capture

Seasoned & award winning instructor

PPA Master Craftsman (education)

PPA Master Photographer & Master Artist

Corel Approved Painted Educator

Golden Artist Educator

Pre-Recorded training and tools are available for immediate use in your digital "library"

Heather's teaching concepts are transferable across all painted subject matter and genres

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Prior Painting Experience Not Requied

Whether you're opening Corel Painter for the first time, or you've been creating with her for several seasons, there is something for every comfort level.


You just need to provide Corel Painter, a pressure sensitive tablet (such as a Wacom tablet and pen), and a computer that meets Corel's minimum requirements.

Oh, and your favorite cup of tea. 

Please note the Brayers and Wax tutorial is not a beginner level tutorial. It is HIGHLY recommended you start at Heather's Intro to Painter 2018, and the Classical Portrait webinar replay.

Pair any of Heather's "acids" for an exquisite textural complement with the Brayers and Wax technique!

This painting was created utilizing the techniques and workflow taught in the Brayers and Wax tutorial using the Brayers and Wax brushes and a few Everyday brushes in Corel Painter 2021 and a Wacom Intuos Pro medium tablet (plus Art pen). The "October Acids Fall Edition" backgrounds were incorporated in the prep file and clone source.

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"Mentoring with Heather was one of the best investments I have made in a very long time! I was nervous with my complete lack of previous painting experience but felt 100% comfortable and assured throughout the entire process. Heather catered her method of teaching to my learning style and made the process easy for me to understand and so much fun. I left feeling inspired and confident that I could take home the skills I learned and improve on my newly acquired painting skills at home!"

- Erin L.

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