Elegant Hand-Brushed Design from an Award Winning Painter

Heather's Hand Drawn Word Packs for the DIY Designer

Artist 32


The "Artist" word packs includes 32 high resolution PSD (Photoshop), layered files ready to be used with your existing marketing or to add with your name's font. Pairs beautifully with sans serif fonts such as Trajan Pro or Raleway. 

Ready for immediate download for the DIY marketer. 

Also includes a reference guide.

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Dry brushed lettering combining old world charm and modern flair

Heather Michelle has hand drawn this gorgeous pack for photographers to pair with their names (font) or to simply add to their existing marketing. Perfect for a brand redesign or existing branding!

32 high resolution, layered Photoshop (PSD) files ready to incorporate immediately!

Download the Artist Word Pack

What's included?

The Artist package comes with:

  •  the high resolution, layered PSD (Photoshop) files
  • a reference guide with all of the pack's files
  • Includes variations of Art, Artist, Artistry, Artisan, and Creative
  • Heather's Youtube tutorial video ready for viewing in your personal library

"When I saw the custom logos that Heather was creating, I had to have one. Her designs are classic, yet unique. Elegant, yet still BOLD. She captured the essence of my brand and my work all in a few strokes with her brush. Best decision I've made for my business!"

Nathaniel Hoppe
Certified Professional Photographer, 2017 Silver Medalist IPC, www.nathanielhoppephotography.com 214.906.7303

"Ever since I got my new logo from Heather Michelle I am so excited to place it on my work, every time! The elegance and professionalism it conveys really helps me feel confident about what I am putting out there and it's truly a joy to add it to every piece I create. It looks amazing. I could not be more pleased. Honestly I think of it as a the next phase of my progress as a photographer and it represents that progress perfectly. Yes, I am thrilled!"

Amelia Durham
Amelia Durham, CPP, PPA Certified Professional Photographer PPSDC, Pet Photographer of the year 2012, 2014 www.BanyanPetPhotography.com

"Heather custom crafted a 'signature' for me, and it's gorgeous! In fact, I'm redesigning my entire website around it now! Thank you so much!"

Tara Richardson
Corel Painter Featured Artist, Painter, www.SoulOfAPainter.com

"I am absolutely in love with the logo Heather designed for me. It suits my brand perfectly and I’m always getting compliments on it and how unique and elegant it is. Thank you, Heather! I love, love, love it!!!"

Jodi Jacobs
Portrait Artist www.JElizabethPortraiture.com


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