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Winter Basic

Winter Basic 33


33 - high resolution jpegs (minimum side is 4500 pixels)

9 - 8.5"x11" reference guide jpegs

Winter doesn't have to be entirely about the cold weather.  As an artist I chose the aspects I love about the season and used those elements in this new backgrounds collection (not to be confused with the Winter Inspired pack!). The shimmer of fresh snow, the dance of winter's breath, the colors changing as the day moves. Memories take me back to poring through art books, particularly the Impressionists. I enjoyed Monet's studies of waterlilies and the ponds. I took some versions and made "alla prima" alternates using colors from Degas' dancers and warmth of Cassat's maternal paintings that would be perfect with looser interpretations. While they may appear subtle in the tiny thumbnails here, the variations are exquisitely versatile! Combined with these elements, I wanted to create large resolution files suitable for portrait sized edits. Some have more bokeh than others. Some have blatant texture with a hint of waxy palette knifed edging. Remember, with a minor tweak of color or even saturation, you are presented with an entirely new background! Or layer two and change the layer mode, and voila! New background! I hope you enjoy these as much as I loved creating them! - Heather


And just to re-iterate, they're completely different than the "Winter Inspired" pack.


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