Creating Backgrounds from Scratch in Corel Painter 2018

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In this recorded tutorial from a live webinar in 2018, Elite Corel Painter Master, Corel Certified Painter Educator, PPA Master Artist, Master Photographer, Master Craftsman, and Golden Artist Educator Heather "the painter" will share her workflow and thought process for creating the illusion of depth by selecting appropriate color and values. She'll also talk about pairing brushes and textures to suit your subject and concept. Backgrounds are a supporting element in your overall masterpiece. They can make or break the impact of a painting. Don't let a few simple elements detract from the many hours you put in on your subjects!

And the tips and tricks Heather has to make an impact with your supportive background are SIMPLE. 

Compatible with Corel Painter 2018, 2017, and techniques are transferable across genres and software such as Photoshop and even organic painting!

What People Are Saying:

"Anything produced by Heather Michelle will help you as an artist... ANYTHING!"

Helen Yancy, M.Photog, M.Artist, MEI, Cr. Hon.M.Photog. F--ASP, Hon.F-ASP, EA-ASP, Hon.EA-ASP, CPP, AP Past President, Professional Photographers of America PPA

"Heather Michelle's classes are worth EVERY PENNY! You seriously learn so much and she's great at understanding and answering questions. I am so glad I have found her, she's been the perfect mentor for my digital painting dreams!"

- Amelia Durham, Banyan Pet Photography,

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If you are new to Corel Painter, you absolutely must watch this Intro to Painter tutorial that thoroughly covers everything you need to get started in Painter!


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