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Breaking Boundaries SALE - THE FACE - 90 min webinar replay plus 37 minute bonus vid and BRUSHES

The Not So Hyper Realistic Approach to Faces -

Advanced Beginner/ IntermediateLevel Tutorial


90 minute webinar replay originally recorded on November 3, 2022

37 BONUS video post webinar where Heather finishes the painting

2 of Heather's RIF painted files from the videos (high resolution)

Breaking Boundaries NEW Brush Pack (24 new brushes!) compatible with Corel Painter 2021 and newer

Brushes Quick Reference Guide

Reference Images

Setting up your document PDF (plus more PDFs)

3 Textures

Bonus 2 Alla Prima Backgrounds

Bonus 2 Beya's Textures


Here is the painting that is demonstrated (the high resolution source and finished files are all included)

Push the boundaries of digital paint ranging from the "alla prima" style layers to the semi-abstract fractured interpretation. You choose how far to take it. Learn the tools, techniques, and pitfalls with this 90 minute webinar replay plus 37 minute post webinar recording showing you how Heather finished the painting!
By now you're probably familiar with Heather's realistic approach to skin in digital portrait painting using Corel Painter. This webinar will dive into the much heavier style of faces starting with a unique approach that can choose to rely on cloning (it's up to you!) to freehand painting the life into your subject. You'll learn how Heather uses an out of the box approach in setting up clone sources, using texture, pairing brushes, and layering in colors to build the heavy painted face. Proficient knowledge of navigating a computer as well as moderate editing understanding in Adobe Photoshop is required. By moderate, you are comfortable with selective adjustment layers, layer masking, levels, curves, file management, etc. 
Corel Painter 2021 or newer is required to use Heather's webinar brushes.
Corel Painter 2020 or newer is required to be able to achieve this technique. If you're using Corel Painter 2019, you will not be able to utilize the "texture" palette feature, which is half of the battle. It is doable, but a tremendous amount of effort. 
This webinar will only cover THE FACE in Corel Painter (and Adobe Photoshop for prepping the clone source). Please note we are not going to spend time retouching or editing the portrait for the prep file. I will discuss what I recommend and what works for me, but I won't use time showing how I edit. I will go over special ways I prepare the retouched files specifically for this style in Corel Painter as the clone source(s). This technique applies to painting the rest of the subject.

You'll learn:

What portraits work well in this style, and what do NOT
How to prepare several clone sources before entering into Corel Painter including how to incorporate an Old Masters method into today's digital age
How to set up the file in Corel Painter, set up the clone, and set up the texture before the first Save
Tips how to break the realistic mindset of the face and get into abstract mode in Corel Painter
How to layer cloning with free hand painting in Corel Painter
How to change between textures
How to backup and export custom textures
How to choose and lay accent colors
Heavily painted eyes - "Sargent" style
How to unpaint eyelashes
How to push the boundaries into going heavier
How to utilize negative space

What you'll need:

Corel Painter 2021 (or newer)
Wacom Tablet and pen (Intuos Pro is preferred, any size)
Laptop or computer monitor is ideal to view the webinar
High speed internet to download materials and view bonus movie 
*The brushes that come with this webinar are compatible with Corel Painter 2021 or newer


Please note the examples below are not included in this tutorial.


What People Are Saying:

A wonderful webinar! I learned so much!


Thank you very much! Very inspiring!


For anyone on the fence about purchasing, this is a wonderful class. Tons of tip and a great brush pack! You will not be disappointed!


I have always wanted to "loosen" up my paintings and was just caught in the same old habits. Heather's class has really helped me to let myself play with paint strokes and textures. I am so inspired to keep practicing!

Tana P.

Playing around with the last webinar Breaking Boundaries from yesterday.. Can’t wait to perfect this technique …. Have to say Heather it totally got me out of my “precious” mode… Can’t wait to try this with my pets because that’s my jam 🙂!

Tara R.