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Special Offer! Add the Alla Prima ll Collection for only $39 (reg. $159!) This set provides 97 monochromatic high resolution textures plus bonus materials created from actual paint on large canvases perfect for your texture palette in Corel Painter (or Adobe Photoshop)! I pull textures from this collection ALL THE TIME!

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2023 Creating and Using Functional Backgrounds Masterclass


You'll receive: 

  • Access to the 3 LIVE - 90 minute zoom group classes 
  • Invitation to join the LIVE Critique and QA Wrap up session
  • Access to Controlling the Texture in the Background webinar replay (120 minutes plus goodies)
  • Intro to Corel Painter 2021 video 
  • Brushes pack for Corel Painter 2021 (and newer)
  • Homework assignments each session
  • PDFs
  • Heather's BONUS 2023 (un-released) Backgrounds Pack
  • Some of Heather's favorite backgrounds from the last few years to study at high resolution (including Alla Prima, Alla Prima ll, Foundations, and some of the earlier collections)
  • Some of Heather's favorite textures
  • New texture pack
  • Some of Heather's high resolution paintings to study the brushwork "up close"


Backgrounds are often the most overlooked space in a painting. They're the supporting role. If you're not composing them properly, your subject could be weakly supported leaving the viewer to wonder "well, that's nice." Strive for exceptional. Especially in this day and age. 


This Masterclass includes (3) - 90 minute live group sessions (via zoom) PLUS a wrap up group Critique (and Q&A) at the end of the course, weekly homework and digital worksheets, the 120 minute Controlling Texture in the Background webinar replay (and bonus goodies), Heather's un-released 2023 Bonus Backgrounds pack, a textures pack, brush pack for Corel Painter 2021, pdfs and mini videos to assist you in creating your own backgrounds from scratch!

You'll learn how to utilize organic materials and utilize them in a digital space for a truly life like painted look in your backgrounds. This extended workshop will cover editing and layering in Adobe Photoshop (CC and newer), and painting in Corel Painter 2021 (or newer) with a Wacom Intuos Pro tablet and pen. The LIVE sessions will be recorded and available to students for replay. Upon completion of the class, students will have the opportunity to upload a background for live critique.

We will cover how to make one of a kind textures organically for digital use using traditional media. You'll learn how to layer textures, tricks and pitfalls, how to prepare them for Corel Painter's "Texture" palette. You'll also learn how to incorporate backgrounds you might already own from this store into your textures or backgrounds arsenal. I'll demonstrate how to identify and use brushes in background building, as well as edge identifiers for painting the subject into the background if the background was painted separate of the subject. 


If you're looking to create unique backgrounds for your own use, or even selling them on Etsy, or maybe it's looking how to better merge your subject to the background space, this class is for you! A basic understanding of layers and maneuvering Photoshop and Corel Painter are required. Please note an Intro to Corel Painter 2021 video is included to help you manage your setup.

While this course is designed to teach you to create your own backgrounds, please note if you are using any backgrounds from this store the terms of agreement are still in effect. You can view the terms here. 

What Will Not Be Covered

This class will not cover painting a subject from start to finish. I will show you how I prep my pieces layering in subjects over pre-painted backgrounds, how to import them into Painter, clone setup as well as troubleshooting layers. I'll also show you how to set up textures to blend them into the background believably and cohesively. But I will not be spending much time painting the subject start to finish, only as time permits. The focus is to show brushwork blending the subject with the background space.


WEEK ONE - Textures - merging traditional with digital

WEEK TWO - Layering tricks and brush identification

WEEK THREE - Gestalt - Merging the subject with the background texturally



 BONUS Backgrounds


Class Requirements

  • Adobe Photoshop CC or newer
  • Corel Painter 2021 or newer
  • A pressure sensitive tablet such as a Wacom
  • A digital camera of some sort. Your cell phone is not recommended but if that is all you have access to, so be it. 
  • Black acrylic paint (cheap, dollar store paint is fine!)
  • High speed internet
  • You will not be on video during the time of the sessions. You'll just need audio and screen.


Class starts in February 2023

Upon enrollment, you'll find instructions in your online library. We will meet once every week starting February 6th on Mondays at 6 pm EST.