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Passages 2023

NEW for May 2023

What you'll receive:

  • 71 high resolution Passages digital files sized at 5800x9800 pixels
  • 7 additional OCHRE BONUS digital files sized at 5800x9800 pixels
  • 9 reference guides (sized to 8.5"x11" for easy printing and filing) 


Passages Digital Backgrounds Collection @2023 Heather Michelle Chinn

While the reference guides posted here don't show you the detailed beauty and variation between each Passage, this Collection features iterations of color harmonies painted at high resolution "drop" style. This allows for exponential opportunity while editing - use the vertical, horizontal, or even flipped files. You'll notice in the high resolution downloads the subtle variations between each file. No two are the same. 

This Collection was inspired by some of my all time favorite backgrounds stemming from the Curated Collection. I wondered what would happen if I added more layers? And they evolved into a grande collection of "Passages." 

If you desire more bokeh in your background simply add your favorite blur such as Gaussian blur, and then add a small amount of "noise" or grain to match the subject's original capture photographic noise. I've written ideas how to use my backgrounds in my blog posts here. 

Below, you'll see details from this Passages Collection. While they are encouraged to be used in personal and professional client edits, they must be delivered in a flat manner with a subject in front selling as a portrait - not being sold as a background. You'll find this detailed in the terms of use at checkout and here. Upon receipt of payment, the store will automate a link to the email you used at checkout so you may login online and download the high resolution files. 

A variety of texture is layered in these high end digital backdrops from subtle mottled sponges to hints of wax to flying flecks of Autumn. 




Details from Passages (full res are available in the purchased download)