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Curated Backgrounds Collection (April 2019)

Step back into a time where sfumato and timeworn patina set the stage for masterpieces.

This new curation of hand painted backgrounds was highly influenced by antiqued backgrounds found in the Old Masters' paintings such as Leonardo Da Vinci and the color palettes of Phillip De Laszlo. 

Introducing the "Patinas & Acids (only available in the Curated Collection)," "Lavenders of Olde," and "Meet Me In The Garden" Collections.

These high resolution backdrops were created with the photographer in mind keeping the light source fairly central for easy subject placement. 

I want to add depth and texture to my edit!

Who Are These Backgrounds For?

This unique backgrounds curation has both "DREAMY" and textured selections. "DREAMY" are softer, bokeh filled choices while the the various textured backgrounds have ranges of cracked, lightly encaustic, sfumato, stucco, patina, and acid wash finishes. These beauties will instantly add texture, depth, and interest to any portrait, especially those photographed on a neutral background. For those taken on high key or low key sets, they may also be used! Whether you want to change the background entirely with masking or a green screen setup, or you simply want to change the layer mode these backdrops are highly versatile!

  • Photographers who want to replace backgrounds entirely
  • Photographers who want to polish their edits by adding these backgrounds as overlays
  • Artists that are looking for a base to their digital painted subjects (NOT for background creators for the purpose of reselling backgrounds as stand along products - see terms and conditions)
  • Artists looking for a finishing texture to their digital paintings
  • For the marketing professional who wants to add some depth and texture to their PR materials
Special OFFER

What Comes With the Curated Collection?

  • The Lavenders of Olde Collection (18)
  • Meet Me In The Garden Collection (24)
  • The Patinas & Acids Collection (22)
  • PLUS 16 BONUS backgrounds, instant impasto textures, clipping mask shapes, and overlays
  • "Zinger" color suggestion charts assisting in highlight, midtone, and shadow suggestions for 5 backgrounds
  • Background reference sheets per collection

That's a total of 64 backgrounds plus an additional 16 BONUS materials!


These 16 high resolution files also come with the Curated Collection. The smallest side of the smallest file is 3600 pixels!

Download the Curated Collection Now

Imagery can be used to show off your brand or product. You can optionally link your image to another page.

What software is required?

Adobe Photoshop is Recommended

These high resolution jpegs open in most editing software but it's ideal to work in software that allows you to use layer masks or have layer editing options such as Adobe Photoshop. The smallest side of the smallest background is 4500 pixels. 

Free Up Your Studio Space

"As a photographer with a small studio space, it is a lifesaver having so many different digital background overlays to complete my artistic vision without giving up more storage space for backgrounds!"

- Brittney Gobble

Plus You'll Receive Ongoing Support From the Private Student Community

When you invest in your education with Heather as a bonus you immediately become part of the "Painterphiles" family! This tight knit tribe supports each other with constructive feedback, encouragement, (historically) accurate troubleshooting, and general help across most things digital! And it's only available to Heather's students.

Let's face it. Even if you're an introvert, you're going to need some constructive feedback to grow. Or you might hit a snag in your journey. This ongoing support will assist!



Please note that inappropriate behavior in Painterphiles will permanently ban members without warning. This is a bonus to members and can be revoked at any time without warning to preserve the supportive family friendly nature of the private group.

Make Sure Your Investment Works For You

Use backgrounds designed for large format printing. Her history in painting large scale murals, ceilings, and enormous fantasy backgrounds on walls and canvas have shaped her methods for designing digital backgrounds. The minimum pixel side for the backgrounds collection is 4500 pixels (bonus materials are 3600+).

Make sure you're using digital backdrops that are built for the big picture.

Curated Collection (All 64 Backgrounds PLUS BONUS content)

ON SALE $150!


Reg. $225


Patinas & Acids (24) -(Exclusive to Curated Collection 2019)

Meet Me In The Garden (22) 

Lavenders of Olde (18)

BONUS Materials (16)

PLUS All Zinger Reference Sheets and All Quick Reference Guides


"With all its excesses, the modern impressionistic movement has given us one discovery, the color violet. It is the only discovery of importance in the art world since Velazquez."

-Joaquin Sorolla)

"This newest set of backgrounds created by Master Painter Heather Michelle is breathtaking. If you love rich color and tonality you simply must get your hands on The Curated Collection! Each background is honestly a work of art by themselves. They have made my personal portrait painting process a breeze! Don't hesitate get them now!"

Sabrina Greene

"As a photographer and digital artist, I rely on Heather's digital backgrounds to help bring my business motto to life: "Dogpatch Pet Portraits: 'where your pet becomes a work of art"

Susan Gertz

"Heather, these backgrounds and textures are game changers! They're the perfect base for my Laszlo/Kordic style blend! And the zingers! Y'all just wait until you see her zinger color charts! It makes those little splashes of color SO EASY!"

Michelle Parsley
M.Photog., M.Artist, Cr., CPP,

"I'm in LOVE! I just received Heather's Curated Backgrounds and they saved me. My old canvas backdrop is not the best and I always have to tweak it to get it just the way I like. This time, I dropped Neutral Thoughts over the image to create a little more texture, masked out the image, and used the Overlay blend mode. Added the perfect soft texture! Perfection. and so quick! Thank you, Heather!"

Peggy Rogerson
M.Photog., CPP

"Ok, I bought the Curated Collection and immediately put them to work with a background and texture. I know, I'm addicted!"

Allison Schmidt